Snow Joy


 //photos were edited with VSCOcam//

Today was soo lovely day! 

A few days ago finally snowed here, in my city and it looks like almost everyone(kids) went out today to enjoy this white gift by nature. So because sun was up in the afternoon and I finally don't have much work in school, I grabbed my camera and went out, on a little walk  to refresh my mind in this white wonderland. I also took a few precious photos of pure winter joy. But I was  a little bit sad because I miss this days so much when I was also a 7 years old kid just sledging on the hill or building snowmans and really enjoying myself. So today I kind of recapture this and maybe if the snow won't disappear I will convince my friends to go sleadging together because really you can never be too old for sledging!!

Do you have snow where you live?

I hope you had an wonderful Saturday.


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