Everything is changing ... our world, humans.... Especially when you are still a teenager sometimes you can't even keep a track of your change.
Maybe at first change seems bad, but mostly it turns out great later on.

I've been changing a lot recently, I could also say growing. I'm finding new passions every day, setting new goals and learning about the world.

Since I remember I was interested in politics, the world around us and really passionate about world problematics, but I never speak up about that. But I think it has come the time, especially when I see where this world is slowly going, every voice it's important.
I want my blog to really represent me in every way possible. In recent years I'm not that much into fashion anymore. As a youtube lover, I am starting to prefer watching educational videos over lookbooks, monthly favourites and documentaries over cheesy movies. And that shows that I'm slowly realising what I actually want in life.
Maybe it's just a phase, but I've never felt more passionate about sharing more of my real face, opinions and hopefully making a change. So this blog is getting a new look, attitude. I even thought of making a new blog, but then I realised that my blog has to grow with me.
You can slowly expect more global topics, opinions, ideas, suggestions and raising awareness about different topics
I'm still figuring out how I could include this new attitude in my old way of writing blog posts, but hopefully, soon I'll come up with something.

Until then,


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