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Which typical Viennese café should you visit while you are staying in Vienna.

Café is for years very important part of Vienna's vibe and life. Café here isn't only a place to drink coffee but you meet here with friends and you treat yourself with a snack or even lunch, it is also a place where you can hide a little bit from the bustle of the big city. Every café has a different ambient and everyone can find the right one for them.

While I was in Vienna I visited two famous cafes and here are my impressions and tips:

You can find Cafe Central on Herrengasse 14 next to Freyung Passage.

Cafe Central is one of the most typical and magnificent cafes in Vienna. In the past, it was a place where writers and free-minded people gathered.

Can you imagine how nice it would be if you could listen to the beautiful sound of a live piano while you are sipping delicious coffee or enjoying your cake? Well, this is possible at Cafe Central and the most of the time a nice old man plays classics on piano.

You can also find a big selection of desserts and staff is very nice. Prices are okay especially cakes have a reasonable price for Europe ( 4-5 euros) but coffee is a little bit pricey it is around 5 euros.

I suggest you to try one of their cakes or apfelstrudel: I went for  a Cafe Central cake (marzipan&orange cream&chocolate) and Viennese ice coffee.

You can find Cafe Landmann on Dr. Karl- Lueger-ring 4 next to Burg theater.

Cafe Landtmann was and it is a place where actors from Burg theater and "wealthier middle class"gather. A famous visitor was also Sigmund Freud, Paul McCartney...

Ambient is very lovely and vintage. A room has a lot of mirrors and chandeliers, also on the chairs/sofas is a very interesting pattern.

As well  as in Cafe Central, Cafe Landmann offers a lot of different desserts or snacks, breakfast... I saw a lot of locals eating here their lunch while browsing newspaper and in the end, they treat themselves with coffee and cake.

I went for Nusstorte (hazelnut) and Franzischaner coffee which one is Melange coffee with cream.
Prices are pretty much the same as in Cafe Central so cake and coffee cost almost the same amount of money.

Let me know if you have already been in a Viennese cafe? and how does your perfect café look?

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  1. All the deserts look amazing!

    1. they were yummy too! Thanks for stopping by xx


  2. love this place and the pictures.. the food and the interiors both look lovely :)

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    1. Thank you! In real life they look even better! You should definitely visit these cafes if you find yourself around Vienna xx