Outfits of 2014


Heloooo in 2k15!
Another year went around //what// well I don't really feel yet that 2015ish hah if you understand!?
So last year was an awesome year for me, I grown up a lot as a person - meaning my thinking, style, behavior, lifestyle...Don't understand me wrong I didn't totally grow up, I am still only a 15 years old girl who is fining herself in this big world...
But this year really was different! As probabbly all years in this teenage period will be, but yes...I was really sucessful in school, I met a lot of new people and realized who my true friends are, I traveled to a few new places and improved my favorite place on the internet-blog!

So here is a collage of all outfits I posted here, last year and you can see that my style changed a little bit... Also I am still finding "a perfect style for me" and I think I am getting closer!  

Well, I hope 2015 will be as good as last year or even better! I want to: read, travel, go out, explore, write, blog, ski, enjoy - MORE!

And thank you all for making last year so special!

How was your 2014? And what are you expecting from 2k15?

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