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Heya, I’m Anna!
After what seems like forever, I have finally been able to put together my daily routine for the beautiful Taja. With her amazing writing talent, she concocted an extreamly good post for my blog - InTheLifeOfAnna (, so now it’s my turn!

My day normally starts with a groan and a ‘I don’t want to get up mummmmm!’. See, I am not a morning person, especially on a week day.

I usually have a bowl of Weetabix (wheat cereal) with milk and fruit. This really helps kick start my day however some days I will either not be bothered to eat or have run out of time to eat. On weekends, I normally wake up at around 10 or 11 so I normally just skip straight to lunch.

School starts at 8:35am. Luckily I live right by my school so I can just stroll down the hill, whilst listening to music (normally 5sos or Green Day). I honestly love how easy it is to get to school from my house.

David Cameron (PM of England) and myself. I am wearing my school uniform. For school, I wear simple makeup (mascara and occasionally eyeliner).

School Timetable
Between 8:40- 9:00am we have Registration and Tutor Time (where we get ready for the day).
First period starts at 9:05 and ends at 9:55.
After that, we have period 2 lasting from 9:55- 10:00.
Morning break is from 10:50- 11:10.
Periods 3 and 4 last until lunch at 1pm.
Lunch lasts til 1.55pm. At lunch I normally take in lunch, go home or walk to the shops around the corner with my mates.
We attend period 5 until 2:55pm.  
I normally partake in a dance club after school lasting 1 or 2hrs 30mins depending on the day.

I study History, Business and Dance for GCSEs (extra subjects along with core subjects), these are exams at the end of school in Yr 11 (15-16 year olds) 

I wash my hair every other day, with Pantene PRO-V. This leaves my hair feeling so smooth and clean.

As I mentioned before, for school I hardly wear any makeup and on weekends I don’t either. I like feeling natural and not dragged down by makeup. Although, if I am going out somewhere fancy or I just feel like wearing it, the transformation goes as followed:

I like to keep things basic. I may post a makeup routine on my blog in the future.
After school, I normally head straight to my laptop and do homework/ get very distracted on the internet.

If I am feeling peckish, my favourite snack is a hot cross bun! YUMMM! 

Then, I repeat it all again!

Look at this hair *wow* -Tajaljeh

I hope you enjoyed this post, it was something different we came up with. Thanks to the amazing Taja for letting me post this on her awesome blog.

If you would like to check out more of my writing please feel free to head over to my blog! 

Screw them - stay you
cus you are rad

Anna xx

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  1. Aw I loved this post, you're so naturally pretty! X