Heeey I'm back-finally...oh I really missed blogging! 
Well, for today I thought I would do a quick life update blog-post.

A few days ago I came home from holidays. I went to The Dolomites, skiing with my family. I really needed this after very busy January and February in school, I don't often write here about one of my biggest passions-skiing, actually I don't know why, this still is also a lifestyle blog but I just didn't find an chance before. Well, skiing is like freedom for me and I really enjoy spending time in the nature and going beyond my limits (if that makes sense). I had a great time and I refreshed my mind and body. 

Does anyone ski or wanna try it? I would love to talk about that!

Here are a few photos of this winter wonderland (they are from my instagram):

For more photos from my daily-life follow me on Instagram: .

Second thing I wanted to share with you is that you can expect my first collaboration with lovely blogger soon! This will be my first collaboration so I am very excited.

Also I am happy that spring is almost here in the city and everything is slowly waking up but also I have a sort of spring fatigue. I have so many ideas but I don't have energy to realize them...

Right know I don't have veryvery much work in school, so I will try my best to post at least weekly about different topics, because I often think that I don't put enought effort in this blog and that it could be muchmuch better so I will work on that in the future.
I will tweet a few days before uploading so if you want to be informed, here you go:

What is happening in your life?



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  1. that hot chocolate looks delicious! MMMM YUM!!! :P

    1. yep it was haha, especially after tough skiing day! xx