Self pampering


Hello darlings! 
Today i had a little treat for your body. I think everyone should give yourself "self-pampering" at least one time in a month. 

So if you don't know yet what self-pampering is here is the explanation:


verb (used with object)
to treat or gratify with extreme or excessive indulgence, kindness, or care: to pamper a child; topamper one's stomach.

                                                             So here are my essentials:
- I love... Coconut&Cream shower smoothie
- vanilla frosting foot lotion
- Lush dream cream
- Lush twilight bath bomb
- The body shop vitamin E sink-in moisture mask
- Ikea candel
- Kiko nail polish
- magazines

First i made myself a bath with bath bomb. I lighted candels with smell of flowers.Then i put on shower smoothie which one smells delicious. I also turned on some good relaxing music and i just enjoyed in bath. When i felt relaxd and happy i dry myself. I applied body cream and it really is magical it smells so good it is so moisturising. Also my skin is after much smooth and nice I just love this dream cream! For my feet i used foot lotion with real smell of vanilla. I think that we don't care enought for feet so i tried to take offten irrigation my feet.

For first time i tried this face mask and i relly love it. I think is perfect for my skin and it made a great effect on my skin. So i will definatly use it at least one time it the month. I did a little manicure and put on my nails this pink nailpolish because pink rocks!

In bath and after when my face&body were renovated i checked some fashion magazines and i also watched my favorite series.

I hope i gave you ideas or inspiration for your day only for you or for girls night. You and your body really deserve to be trated like this offten.

"Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live in."


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