Goodbye spring


Tomorrow is June, what? that was quick, we almost passed a half of the year 2014! this is a big deal.

So yes let's go through my May. It was so the bussy month because we wrote so many finals in school and this was so stressful. But in a start of this month, we still had a  spring break, so I went to Vienna (capital city of Austria) I was shopping, vlogging and viewing and had an amazing time! so on first pics is Stephan's church in the centre od Vienna I am sorry because I didn't do a travel blog or something but I really didn't have time if you want you can check vlog  and see what I was doing: Vienna vlog . Vienna is so beautiful city I alway fall in love with it again you should visit it one day!
Then on next 2 pictures is food, on first one is ice cream because I couldn't make it through this so stressy month without sugar and because ice cream understands, one next one are berries because I also want to eat healthy as I can and that will be much easier now when I finished with school. Under is a photo from Italian coast I went there with school more you can read and see in my previous blog post and vlog. Italia is so beautiful and that was one of the best days in this month. There 2 pics left is a photo from city "home" hill, with a beautiful view on my home city and mountains, rivers, roads... and last picture was taken today and I finally find time to read The fault in our stars, that I got in December. It is very good and I can't wait to read more John Green books in summer.

I hope you all had a great month! Tomorrow is summer and that means more interesting posts and outfits, vlogs, travel diaries on my blog. I can't wait.

Thanks for reading,

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