Shopping in Italy


In the start of April, i went to Italy, to two shopping centres. I bought so many clothes, a pair of shoes and today I will show you my new beauty and "relaxing" products. 

In Kiko (Italian make-up brand) I bought 4 lipsticks, they have make-up products with great quality and they are also not expensive. The most I love their lipsticks, you can choose between so many colours and models. This time, I chose (i will go from left to right on the picture):
number 501: it is so light nude colour great for this spring days and for light outfits.
number 602: it is also nude colour but darker than previous one, I love this lipstick the most I wear it probably every day it is matt colour and I think perfect for my skin tone and outfits.
number 910: this one is really peachy pink colour, it don't have that big effect on the lips that looks like on the photo. I love it and I think I will wear it through the entire summer.
number 609: it is the elegant one, it also has matt effect and it is perfect for the night out or some special events when you want to look fab.

I went to Sephora for the first time and I fell in love with this store. I bought things from their own brand, but as you probably already know they have so many other brands too.
Because I love candles so much and the had so manny different smells. I relly did need new summer candles, I bought:
Coco/Coconut and Pivoine/Peony and they smell like summer,flowers and  beach ooh summer hurry!

I adore this Soothing cleansing milk from Sephora it is so soft and also so gentle to my skin and eyes. This is first cleansing milk I tried that doesn't make my eyes red. And it smells so good, I just love Sephora products!

I think in summer you definitely need body spray for the beach or just for fun outside. I bought this one in H&M it was so inexpensive and it smells like watermelon.

Another candle this one is from Ikea and is in flavour vanilla ice-cream, so who don't want to have ice cream room in summer? And I bought bigger version because I want to use this glass for my lipsticks.

Enjoy my lovely readers!


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