Favorite sweater


H&M jacket
H&M sweater
H&M trousers
Dr. Martens shoes
Ray Ban sunglasses

Hey guys, how was your week?

I have a lot of work in school this December so for today's post I wanted to remember my trip to Salzburg during fall break. 
Well, as you maybe already know in my family we have a tradition to visit this magical city during fall or winter every year. I am always so excited and this city surprises me every time. Hmm, maybe I will write a blog post in a few weeks about my experiences.
Now to the outfit- this one is one of my favourites for fall and winter. This fuzzy sweater is so comfortable and it goes with everything!

So, let me know if you have already been in this magical city?

Also, you can check out a blog post with photos taken in Salzburg last year.



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  1. I really like you and the blog!!! Very interesting to read and watch.
    Let's contact via Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/liza.armand

    1. thank you so much! that really means a lot to me and I can say the same about your blog xx