Let's go on an adventure


A word adventure has a different meaning for everyone. For me adventure is exploring, wandering, finding, doing something new, something exicting and living life!

Hello this summer i spend a lot of time on my weekend house. There i spend a lot of time in nature just walking, thinking, reading... and enjoying life as much as i can!
And because i am adventurer i love to go on different adventures ( and around weekend house there are loats of them waiting for me). For today post i decidet  to show you what i took with me yesterday when i went on an adventure. I went hiking to the lake under the mountains with my dog.

A must for advenutre are:
- lovely usefull backpack / mine is from Acessorize London
- water / summer days are so hot and without water you can't "survive"
- notebook/ i usually get many ideas in nature so i always take it with me
- camera / to memoraized wonderfull nature and because on adventures always something interesting happend

Don't forget to go on your adventure this summer!

Have a great day,

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