Beach/Pool essentials


Best way to spend a hot day is chilling by the pool or on the beach.

So i take to the beach/pool this navy beach bag it is so big so i can take witth me many thigs:

- Sunglasses (H&M) i go to the beach when the sun is up haha so i need my sunnies this ones are so cheap because they get salty...

- Magazine/Book, there is nothing better than reading great summer book on the beach, currently i am in love with John Green's books they have great message!

- Swimming suit/bikinis (Women secret) i always take with me an extra pair of bikinis because i don't feel great in wet ones, this ones are my favorites because they are high-waisted.

- Earphones because you never know when around you will be some weird noise haha and because i love to lisent to my summer playlist when i am reading.

- Lip balm (Blistex) i need it because my lips get very dry in the salty water and on the sun.

- Sun cream (Nivea) this is the must because i really don't want to look burned and you also need to apply this for your own good and helth.

- Body spray (Hollister) i get really sweaty at the beach and everytime when is air hot so i need something to cover that haha i am in love with this one it smells like summer and ocean!

- Towel is a must for lying and for getting dry after fun in the water.

I hope you like another summery post and i promis next post will be fashion related again!

Love you,

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