April is over


Hey, guys! April is almost over and I am so happy that it is because in past 2 months I had so much work with the school. So let's go through April pics: 1 one is representing All-star season, this season I bought black ones I know this is not that much springy colour but they fit the most to my style. As you probably know on the second photo are easter bunny and eggs, I'm not religious but it's tradition to eat eggs in April haha. In the end of the month, i finally had time to open my inline skating season, I usually go skating with my dog and it is so relaxing to rush through the forest! At begging of this month I and my mum went to Italy for some shopping, on the photo is Palmanova outlet centre and I bought so many things, you can see beauty products in the second photo but that's not all ( i will do a post about things I bought in future). Last two photos are just me and my friend in cafe bar, first one is from this Friday we went to our little "skyscraper" and the second one is me at ice cream bar with flower crown because spring is here! I hope you enjoy your time and be in touch wit my vlog channel because I try to upload often!

Thank you for reading so much xx

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