Birthday presents from my friends


Today I was celebrating my birthday which one is in December, and i took my friends to the cinema and we were watching The Hunger games and it was amazing. So they bought me so many presnts and  they are beautiful,  they also wished me so many wishes and good things so i started to cry because  i am so happy to have friends like this. Thank you girls <3

So you can see they bought me so many lip products and nailpolishes, a Revlon colorstay, so many candels, body lotion, caledar, Vougs, photos, gift card for my favourite store, so many sweets ... they know me so well, i love all presents!

And here is our photo in the cinema

my outfit:
shoes: Dr. Martens
blac "leather" leggings: Stradivarius
sweater: H&M
blouse: H&M
coat: United colors of Benetton
bag: H&M
necklace: Taily Weilj

and i haved this "in trend"space bun in my hair:)

thanks for reading, much lovexxx

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