The Liebster Award


 On friday I just checked my blog if i get any comments or anything else. And i did a get a lovely message by Anna. I am always so happy when i get a new comment on a post, but this one was special someone nominated me for an award i didn't know what this award is so i checked here post and checked on google and i was suprised even more. Because someone actually enjoys my blog. 

So again thank you Anna your nominations means a lot to me and she has great super cute blog!

So this is award for small blogs (with less than 200 followers) for having lovely blogs! I think this is so great that we (small bloggers) help each other and copliment others!


So there are many different combinations of rules i will copy them from Anna who nominated me:

1. Thank the person who nominated you!

2. Answer the questions they set you in your own blog post.

3. Nominate 11 blogs you like that have less than 200 followers and make 11 questions for them.

4. Comment on a recent post of theirs so they know the good news!

Everything is so great explained here if you want to know more about rules and award


1. Favorite TV show?
Gossip girl, i just love all that drama and Uper east side life.

2. Best outfit?

This is so hard quoestion! i have a lot favorite outfits they are usually black.
I picked this one:

3. Most embrassing thing you have done?

Hmm let me think... probaby when my backback pulled my skirt up haha on the street so everybody could saw my underwear haha i was lucky because there were nobody that i know.

4. Favorite makeup product?

I love lipsticks so my favorite makeup product is a lipstick. It is by Kiko in the shade 602.

5. Your favorite meal?

Pasta!! with veggies, i just love Italian cuisine.

6. Top 5 list of favorite reads?

Looking for Alaska by John Green
The perks of being a wallflower by Stephen Chbosky
Wild by Cherly Strayed
L' élégannce du hérisson by Muriel Barbery
Last song by Nicolas Sparks

7. Most used makeup product?

I usually wear to school only mascara and lipstick, so mascara currently i adore Manga by Loreal.

8. Favorite Nail Polish?

One by Kiko in baby pink color.

9. Favorite shop?

Probably H&M because here i bought most of my things and in my country we don't have "american" clothing shops. 

10. Most played song?

Currently i love song by Charli XCX - Boom Clap and  of course Happy Little Pill by my babe Troy Silvan.

11. One wish you have?

I have lots of wishes so is so hard to pick only one - let's say i wish that one day i will travel the world.

So i hope you know me better after that answers.


It's time for the best part, right?
So i picked 11 for me lovely blogs with under 200 followers on Bloglovin.

This blogs deserve to be noticed!


Please answer to this questions in your blog post:

1. Your favorite city?
2. Who is your role model?
3. Favorite lip product?
4. Facorite parfume?
5. What made you want to start your own blog?
6.What are your hobbies?
7. Do you have a pet?
8. Favorite color to wear?
10. 5 things that you love?
11. Describe your style?

Thank you so much Anna again - because of you i could made this post!

Love you guys so much, 


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